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A lot of people are engaged in a running battle with weight loss, many have tried various approaches, many of them have been successful, others have not. One sure thing is this: if you want to lose weight you need to work on your metabolism. A helpful resource to achieve this is green tea.

A great article by 1skinnygirl.com wrote that green tea contains antioxidants called polyphenols. Scientists have discovered that these polyphenols safely boost our metabolic rate to increase the amount of calories that the body uses each day. The studies show that drinking about 5 cups each day creates enough of a boost to burn up 80 calories a day.

In this article by weightloss.com.au, it shows that the benefits of green tea are not limited to just having weight loss and body fat burning properties, it shows that green tea helps Reduce our risk of developing many forms of cancer, Inhibit the growth of cancer cells and Lower total cholesterol levels aside from having several other benefits.

Want to know how to lose weight by drinking green tea? Watch the video below.

How to Lose Weight by drinking Green Tea

If you are finding it difficult to lose weight you can get a box of “Stash Premium Green Tea, Tea Bags, 100-Count Box“. It will help you cope better with weight loss. You can also get a bottle of Decaffeinated Mega Green Tea Extract here if you prefer the capsule form.

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If you are in search of a healthy diet menu to prepare while maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle, then this post is what you’ve been looking

Healthy Diet Menu

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for.  As you read on you would discover how to plan a holistic daily healthy diet menu which consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner with a fine blend of healthy snacks in between. That’s not all you would also be shown 5 surefire tips to follow when preparing a healthy diet menu.

How To Prepare a Healthy Diet Menu

Planning a daily healthy diet menu isn’t difficult as long as each meal and snack has some protein, fiber, a little bit of healthy fat and some complex carbohydrates. Here is one example of how to prepare a healthy diet menu for a whole day that includes three meals and three snacks.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 5 to 30 minutes per meal.
Here’s How:

1)     Eating breakfast will help you refuel after a long night’s sleep and start your day with more energy. Choose some protein and fiber for your breakfast and it’s a good time to eat some fresh fruit:

  •         One serving of oatmeal.
  •         One-half cup strawberries.
  •         A tablespoon or two chopped nuts.


Choosing healthy diets for teenage girls can be quite tasking, the reason is that teenage girls are very conscious of their body and can be very

Healthy Diets for Teenage Girls

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selective about what they eat, in order to prevent being over weight. The truth is that starving yourself of food, in your quest to remain trim, would only result in unhealthy eating habits which on the long run would develop into obesity. So choosing the most suitable healthy diets for teenage girls cannot be overemphasized.

You would be learning an wholesome approach about choosing healthy diets for teenage girls, like the healthy consequences of unhealthy eating habits, types of foods to include when choosing healthy diets for teenage girls and also the kind of foods to avoid.

Healthy Diets for Teenage Girls

According to the Centers for Disease Control, adolescent obesity increased from 5 to 18.1 percent between 1976 to 2008. Teenage girls are particularly sensitive to their weight and suffer psychological as well as health consequences from being overweight. Some teenage girls of normal weight develop disordered eating habits such as skipping meals, starving themselves or binging in an effort to become this. Healthy diets a teenage girls looks much like that for an adult, but because they are still growing, nutritional balance and establishing good habits are even more important. [click to continue…]


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Tips on Maintaining A Healthy Diet To Lose Weight

June 25, 2012

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